Processed in Just 1 Hour

It used to take from 3 days to 2 weeks processing loans. Then it became 24 hours. But do you know that the best payday loan companies can process your payday loan in just one hour? Yes…there is really an option for those who are in dire need of extra cash at the earliest possible time.

Applying for a loan is quite simple. You just need to go to their website, fill up their application form and wait for a representative of that company to contact you through phone or email. Approval is fast. Just check your checking account to see if the money has been credited already.

Loan up to $1,000 From One Hour Payday Loan companies

Your take home pay is the main consideration for your loanable amount. Most top rated payday loan companies will check your net take home pay so they can gauge the maximum amortization that you can pay for short term advances. There are also companies who will check your credit ratings though more and more top rated payday loan lenders are giving people with bad credit ratings a chance. Credit checks do not necessarily include a thorough investigation of your financial history. Payday loan lenders may start with approving minimum loan amount but can give you as much as $1,000 for your subsequent loans or once you have established a reputation or history as a good payor.

Once your payday loan application has been processed and approved, expect up to $1,000 to be deposited to your checking account. Same day releasing of money is possible but subjected to additional fees.